Custom Coins with Color on Both Sides


Custom Coins, Color Filled (Soft Enamel) Challenge Coins.

Your custom coins begin with creating the die of your approved custom coin design. Then a sheet of 3mm thick copper-bronze mix gets stamped using the die. This creates an impression of your design in the metal.
We then create any special edging that you may have requested on your coins. This includes any inscription of text and numbers on the coin edge. Next comes color filling. Colors get inserted by hand, one at a time, using different sized syringes. Excess colors get wiped off the raised metal surfaces. The pins are then fired at 450°F for 12 to 15 minutes.
An optional epoxy protective coating (dome) can get applied to protect the color enamels from fading or cracking over time. Plating is next, usually consisting 18K Gold. Other metal platings such as silver and black nickel are available. The raised metal surfaces are then polished to a luster finish. Meanwhile recessed areas get left with a sandblasted look.
Your custom coins can also get finished with an antique finish. See examples on this and other pages. This gives your coins a unique, aged appearance. It also enhances the contrast of your design.
Once finished your coins will pass through a final quality control inspection. After approval, your custom challenge coins get packaged for shipment to you.
Custom Coins


Color on Both Sides of Custom Coin

1.5″ Coin$3.96$3.79$3.57$3.33
1.75″ Coin$4.54$4.49$4.42$3.96
2″ Coin$5.13$5.06$5.01$4.54
Mold Fees: 1.5″ -$100, 1.75″ – $125,2″ – $150

This option is an ideal choice if you want to have a different design appear on each side. It is like having two coins in one! Explore your creative side and have fun planning your design and corresponding color choices for this unique option!

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Free Mold Setup On Orders Over 300 Pieces!
Coin Edging Options
Coin Edging Options

Additional Options

  • Clear Coat Epoxy – $ 0.30 Per Side
  • Antiquity – $ 0.40 For Two Sides
  • Sequential Numbering – $ 0.35
  • Duo Tone Metal – $ 0.90 Per Side
  • Glitter – $ 0.12
  • 3D Mold – Quote Upon Request
  • Glow In The Dark – $ 0.20
  • Cut Outs – $ 50.00 Each
  • Velvet Bag – $ 0.60 Each
  • Acrylic Coin Capsule – $ 1.00 Each
What You Get 
  • Free Artwork & Revisions
  • Free LIVE Customer Service (USA)
  • Free Priority Air Shipping
  • Free PMS Color Matching
  • Free Mold Creation (300pcs+)
  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Price Match Guarantee

Why Pick Because We Are Awesome…

First, we love what we do which is designing and manufacturing challenge coins. We take pride in providing the highest quality custom coins. At the lowest possible price.
We enjoy helping people, and we understand the reason why challenge coins exist. This is what makes us even more proud to serve those who have served us.
We have a staff of 20+ designers and customer care associates that are experts in the field of challenge coin creation. When you order custom coins from us you can rest assured that we will make the entire process effortless.

It would be our pleasure and an honor to produce your custom coin order. Please give us a TOLL FREE call.